Below are answers to our most commonly asked questions – some on Lincolnshire Buffs and others on Poultry keeping in general. Whilst we try and be as accurate and informative as possible, our advice/answers are intended only as a guide. 

Q) How many eggs can I expect my Lincolnshire Buffs to lay per year?

A) This will vary depending on the age of the hen. Pullets (females up to one year old) will lay an average of 120 – 150 eggs per year. This may be average amongst most pure breed poultry – quite low however when compared to a hybrid who will lay 275+ eggs per year. As the hen gets older egg ‘output’ will decrease.

 Q) What colour eggs do Lincolnshire Buffs lay?

A) The Lincolnshire Buff egg is usually cream/tinted.

Q) How many nest boxes do I need for my hens?

A) The average is usually one nest box for every four hens. If the next boxes are overcrowded the eggs can get crushed.

Q) What is the best way of obtaining some Lincolnshire Buffs?

A) As Lincolnshire Buffs are quite scarce obtaining birds can sometimes be difficult. If finding birds is posing a problem, the alternative is to purchase hatching eggs and hatch your own chicks. The best way of finding out about Lincolnshire Buffs/Eggs for sale is to join the Society where you will receive newsletters/members lists.

Q) If I obtain some fertile eggs, how do I incubate/hatch the eggs?

A) You have a choice of natural (broody hen) or artificial (incubator) incubation. If you have a broody hen this will perhaps work out easier as (usually) the hens know what they are doing and cheaper as it saves on the electric bill!