hensAugust – a time for moulting and catching up with those repairs before the weather turns!

Anytime now your adult birds will be dropping their feathers and growing new ones, over a period of several weeks.  Nuture them through the moult, avoid moving or shocking them and feed them well.  Once the moult is over, your paddock will have feathers everywhere, but your adult birds will look fit and fresh with their new feathers on.  It’s also a good idea to treat for Red Mite (your poultry house – the perch ends especially) and treat the birds for lice. 

Now is a good time to mend that leaking roof, replace the broken pane of glass in the poultry house, and if you really want to make this winter mud free, add guttering and water butts to your sheds and a good, stong path on your frequently trodden areas. 

Bring your young birds on with a good growers pellet and make sure they have plenty of room and access to short, fresh grass.  Get the incubator and brooding equipment cleaned and put away for next year. 

 AGM – this years AGM will take place on Sunday 21st September 2014 at the Durham Ox, Thimbleby (members only).  Arrival 10am for 10.30am meeting start.

Club Show - to be held on Sunday 2nd November 2014 at the Stanhope Hall, Horncastle.  6 classes for Lincolnshire Buffs, please phone Helen, the Secretary for more information.

Secretary Change –  Please note that the Society has a new Secretary, please see the Contact Us page for Helen’s contact details.  

Last updated - we have added an article on Winter Poultry Care, taken from our 2012 Yearbook.

Buyer Beware – if you are buying Lincolnshire Buffs please be careful what you are buying as like with many other breeds, there appears to be people selling inferior/cross bred stock.  It is best to buy from reputable breeders or members who can show you the parent stock. 

Remember – although not all birds need to be show quality – they do need to have the basics, buff plumage with no white anywhere, dark matt brown in the wings/tail (no shiny black feathers), upright single comb, unfeathered white legs with 5 toes on each foot.  For more detailed information please view our Breed Standard.

If you are looking to buy Lincolnshire Buffs or eggs, our Stock Exchange page has recently been updated. 

Many thanks.

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